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Welding Profile Gauge, Welding Profile Comb, Weld Profiler, Contour Gauge, also known as Weld Profile Gauge, Profile Comb, or weld Profiler

A weld profile gauge is just the right tool for testing welding profile, matching wheel arches and body contours, or forming panels. Simply press the gauge against the piece you want to copy. Pull it away, and there's your reproduction.

A Welding profile gauge or contour gauge is a tool for recording the cross-sectional shape of a surface, welding bead width, welding profile test and welding groove.

Welding contour gauges consist of a set of steel pins that are set tightly against one another in a frame which keeps them in the same plane and parallel while allowing them to move independently, perpendicularly to the frame. When pressed against an object, the pins conform to the object. The weld contour gauge can then be used to draw the profile or to copy it on to another surface

  • Heavy gauge steel frame with metal pins
  • Pins are designed not to be removed.
  • Marking gradations on the body.
  • For angle or extension use.
  • Two tools can be joined together with enclosed connecting plate
  • Suitable for inspection of welding, flooring, tiling, woodworking and plumbing

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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