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With a pivoting blade for easy measuring of eleven most specified fillet dimensions. Measures concave or convex seams. Stainless steel blades, etched increments. 3~25 mm, Each leaf has two ends The gages possess two ends with one piece. One end is for convex fillet, and the other end is for concave fillet. Gauge used high quality stainless steel, the users can used them many times with less worn out. The gauges comes as a set of individual gauges that used to size fillet welds. In fact, the gauge do not measure fillet welds. Only to determine whether the weld is smaller than, larger than, or the exact size of the gauge being used. The set of leaves of the fillet weld gauges like thread gauge go or no go.

Note: The gauge only tells you whether the fillet size "go" or "No go", smaller or larger than the standard. The inspector checks the size of the actual weld by using one or more gauges to compare the size of the weld to the size of the individual gauges.


?Verify Fillet Weld Leg Length

?Verify Fillet Weld Throat Thickness

?Use for Inspection of Concave and Convex Fillet weld

? Sturdy as this Gauge made of Stainless Steel

?All Numerical Values Indication Size are Clear and Can Easily Read Out

?Most of reading are in Metric(mm)

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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