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The light weight AC/DC Electromagnetic Yoke is the ideal tool for detection of surface or Sub-surface crocks and flows in any ferromagnetic material. No other low cost, portable equipment offers such versatility Magnetic Particle Inspection. Fast and simple to operate, it is widely used with either dry or wet method fluorescent or non-fluorescent Magnetic powders, in the testing of welds, automotive or railroad components, machine ports, steel and grey iron castings, forgings and in plant inspection, maintenance and repair. A.C. Magnetisation: It creates a surface field which only detects surface cracks. Particularly useful for inspecting thick and irregular sections for surface defects such as fatigue cracks. Best results obtained with dry method. D.C. (Pulsed) Magnetisation: Use of Half wave D.c. magnetization creates pulsing magnetic fields which penetrates the work piece and detects surface and subsurface (slightly) cracks. Pulsing improves particle mobility and sensitivity. Can be used for dry and even wet method Specifications: AC/HWDC Electromagnetic Yoke Mostly used to test the welds, seams etc Common applications include welding, casting, Forged parts, pipes, and any other random inspections. Suitable for Dry and wet method Other Details: Warning before operation see the operation Manual

  • Choice of constant level AC or variable intensity, pulsed H.W.D.C. for surface or sub-surface flaw detestability. Solid state circuit for infinitely variable (step less),
  • Potentiometric adjustment of DC magnetic field. Articulated legs to suit differing component contours. Interpole distance adjustable from 0 to 300 mm
  • Low power consumption. Current draw at 220V, 1 Phase supply - only 2 amps. Extremely strong and intense magnetic field for superior sensitivity. Portable & light weight - only 3.5 Kgs
  • Can be used for AC demagnetization too. No risk of sparking or 'hot spots' on the job. No current flows through the component being tested.
  • Pole Distance 50 to 300mm, Cord Length 3 meters Input Supply 220V, 50Hz, 1Phase Max Current Drawn AC-2.2 Amps DC-2.5 Amps Lifting capacity at 100mm pole distance 5 Kg AC Mode 27 Kg DC Mode Yoke Weight 3.5 Kg Controls Solid State
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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