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This product  is a color-screen portable  coating/Paint thickness  gauge with high-definition display,  which can quickly, non-destructively  and  accurately measure nonmagnetic  coating thickness  on magnetic metal substrates  and non-metallic coating thickness  measurement on  nonmagnetic metal  sub-strates. At the same time it can automatically  identify  magnetic metal substrate  and nonmagnetic metal substrate,  and is widely used  in manufacturing,  metal processing industry ,chemical industry,  commodity inspection  and other testing  areas

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? Measuring Range: 0~1300 Micron/51mil

? Menu operation  and color-screen  HD display.

? Thickness measurement  of non-magnetic  coating on magnetic  metal substrate surface  and non-metallic  coating on non-magnetic  metal substrate .

? Two measurement  methods: single measurement,  continuous measurement.

? Basic calibration  and Zero-point  calibration available.

? Metric/imperial  unit and storage  function.

? Screen rotation,  charge protection,   multi-interface  displays, screen brightness selection.

? Automatic shutdown.

? Instant Voice Broadcast measurement value, Free from reading

? 1000mAh Lithium Battery direct charge by USB Cable

? Four Way Screen rotation

? Memory Storage of up to 1500 reading in 100 Group


a. Mode: single  (sng) /continuous (ctn)

b. Battery power  indicator

c. Measurement  counting

d. Substrate:  Fe/nFe

e. Display zone  of measured value

f. Unit:um/mil

g. Difference  value of measurement

h.Average value

I. Maximum value

j. Minimum value

k. High limit

l. Low limi

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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